Trimble Connect API

A set of application programming interfaces into Trimble Connect, the cloud-based collaboration platform

available for web, desktop, mobile and mixed reality

With Trimble Connect APIs you can:

  • Synchronize data from and to your project bank automatically
  • Work efficiently with big BIM models even in mobile
  • Automatize, enhance and customize Trimble Connect
  • Integrate Trimble Connect with other software

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Major Trimble Connect SDK update

Trimble Connect's .NET SDK has been updated. In addition, Property Set and Organizer APIs have been changed and, for example, access control policy has been replaced by a more secure one.

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CivilPoint succeeded with Trimble Connect API

CivilPoint’s Map Extension brings location data for Trimble Connect users. The Map Extension has brought multiple benefits to CivilPoint customers, especially on site. All the latest location data is up-to-date in Trimble Connect real time, without any paper documentation needed.

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