Map Extension adds location data to Trimble Connect

CivilPoint succeeded with Trimble Connect API. With Map Extension the latest location data is up-to-date in Trimble Connect real time.

CivilPoint is a re-seller of infrastructure engineering software tools selling software and also vast training and support services. The main customers are engineering companies as well as contractors and owners.

CivilPoint Oy belongs to Point Group Oy concern operating in Finland and the Baltics. The mission of Point Group is to be locally the best in the built digital environment.

The company has its own in-house software development and one of their outcomes is the Map Extension.

Map Extension adds location data to Trimble Connect

In fall 2018, CivilPoint launched a software extension called “Trimble Connect CivilPoint Map Extension”. The Map Extension is delivered to CivilPoint’s customers together with Trimble Connect.

The background for developing this extension was the lack of map solution in Trimble Connect, while many customers would have benefitted from it in their projects. The 2D Map Extension connects the infrastructure project owner, engineer and contractor. It is an easy-to-use user interface which works at the office as well as on site in harsh weather conditions - and the map data is always up to date.

Map Extension utilizes multiple APIs and data sources

Besides Trimble Connect API the extension uses various map data openly available from e.g.  National Land Survey of Finland. The extension can contain also aerial imagery, webcam data from the site, and other customer-specific data. The great benefit was that Trimble Connect stores all the data and CivilPoint’s developers did not need to implement that.

“For Port of Kokkola, we have delivered a customized solution which integrates with webcams, vessel data and data from water turbidity sensors, which monitor the water quality. We can integrate multiple services to our platform, based on customer needs.”, says Teemu Nivell, general manager of BuildPoint (part of Point Group concern).


CivilPoint succeeded with Trimble Connect API

Trimble Connect API is easy to work with

Trimble Connect API was easy to use for the developers and there were no hick-ups along the way. The co-operation with Trimble’s Connect team was seamless. “We first tested the product with test credentials in the staging environment. Then we made a video demo of the extension for Trimble, after which we got access to production environment of Trimble Connect” says Eero Lyytikäinen, account manager of CivilPoint.

“We do our own software development only when it is not available in the software itself. For example, we check the Trimble Connect API documentation if there is something in the API that we could utilize”, Eero Lyytikäinen continues. “Trimble Connect API is suitable to our needs”.

CivilPoint coded Map Extension using Trimble Connect API

Map Extension speeds up the work

The Map Extension has been out in the market for six months now. Feedback from the customers has been very encouraging. Customers like the features and the easy usability on site. “We know that we are just in the starting phase of the development. Our customers have also actively shared development ideas for the product.”, Lyytikäinen says.

The Map Extension has brought multiple benefits to CivilPoint customers, especially on site. All the latest location data is up-to-date in Trimble Connect real time, without any paper documentation needed. It speeds up the work.

GRK Infra Oy is one of the customers, who used the Map Extension in a project. “I have waited for a long time for an extension which shows the own location on the map, and finally this is possible. Based on our test usage the extension seems to be easy to use”, says modeling manager Krister Lönnberg and continues: “We have not implemented Trimble Connect in small projects yet. Now, with the Map Extension, we could consider using it. Many builders have difficulties to follow what is actually happening on site. With the CivilPoint extension, we can follow location data on the map and track what needs to be built and where”.

“The investment in the development of Map Extension is paying itself back. It is a strategic addition to our offering. And this is only the beginning - we will develop the Map Extension further based on our customer needs”, Teemu Nivell concludes.