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Trimble Connect .NET SDK

Updated: 21 Oct 2020


Trimble Connect .NET SDK (Software Development Kit) is a set of components and tools, Developer Guides, and code examples.

Trimble Connect .NET SDK contains all of the necessary tools and building blocks to handle, for example, user authentication and to communicate with the Trimble Connect Platform Services in order to share data and collaborate with other users and applications using the Trimble Connect.

The following image shows the different components of the Trimble Connect .NET SDK

(TC = Trimble Connect, TID = Trimble Identity):

Trimble Connect .NET SDK


Usage of the Trimble Connect .NET SDK

Developers can use the SDK for all kinds of Trimble Connect applications: desktop, web, or mobile. It can be used for service applications that have, for example, server side background and interactive processes.

The Trimble Connect .NET SDK is targeted for

  • full .NET desktop applications (.NET 4.0 and above) 
  • iOS (7.1+) using Xamarin Platform
  • Android (4.0+) using Xamarin Platform
  • UWP (Universal Windows Platform) applications built with Xamarin

Xamarin.Forms is a cross-platform UI toolkit across iOS, Android, and UWP (Universal Windows Platform) apps.

Learn more and get started with Microsoft's Xamarin here.

Content of the Trimble Connect .NET SDK

Use the links below to download SDK components. Follow the links to read the component specific Developer Guides.


See the Developer Guide for Trimble.Identity.

Trimble Identity OpenId Connect Client helps you authenticate users via Trimble Identity and store user tokens. The library is cross-platform, so once you learn it on iOS, you're all set on Android.

User identification component solves the challenge of authenticating the user with the Trimble Identity service. Implementing this functionality is proven to be challenging since it includes a user interaction with the web UI flow. This component abstracts all the complexity of the authentication from the developer behind a very simple interface yet providing a significant degree of flexibility.



See the Developer Guide for Trimble.Connect.Client.

Trimble Connect API Wrappers component  can be seen as a layer on top of the generic network library. Below are some benefits of using the Trimble Connect API Wrappers component in comparison to consuming the Trimble Connect REST API with generic .NET libraries:

  • The SDK components’ APIs are optimized to be used with specific Trimble Connect Services in comparison to the generic APIs.
  • Strong typing helps productivity by providing compile time error checking
  • Fully built-in IntelliSense documentation support enables learning the Trimble Connect API by exploring it from the IDE
  • Comes with production ready components needed for the interaction with the cloud service: http message formatting and parsing, error handling, token management and caching, pods connection management. Developers can start working on features instead of building infrastructure.
  • The common challenge for the connected applications is aligning the service API versioning and application versioning. The service communication code in SDK is designed and implemented with extensibility in mind and provide a set of extensibility mechanisms which help application developers to build backward and forward compatible applications.



Trimble Web UI controls that help to execute interactive Web flows as part of desktop and mobile apps.



See the Developer Guide for Trimble.Diagnostics.

Diagnostics and tracing tools: Trimble.Diagnostics provides tools for code level tracing with TraceSource. The library is cross-platform, so once you learn it on iOS, you're all set on Android.



See the Developer Guide for Trimble.Connect Data.

Offline local storage for Trimble Connect data.



Trimble Connect offline data storage synchronization.



Portable SQLite .NET wrapper. All but iOS packages include a precompiled SQLite 3.14.1 binaries.



This package adds support for formatting and content negotiation to System.Net.Http. It includes support for JSON, XML, and form URL encoded data.



Trimble Connect Platform Services authentication flow for desktop and mobile applications.



See the Developer Guide for Trimble.Identity.AspNetCore.

Trimble.Identity.AspNetCore is a security middleware that you can use in your ASP.NET Core 1.0 application to support Trimble.Identity authentication.

Learn by watching the video

After watching the video you will know how to use the Trimble.Identity and Trimble.Connect.Client components of the .NET SDK in your application.


.NET SDK Developer Guide

For more detailed information, see Developer Guide in GitHub