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Integrating with Trimble Connect

Updated: 22 May 2020

In this guide we will go through the steps you will need to take when planning to integrate with the different Trimble Connect APIs.

For more information about the available Trimble Connect APIs, read the Introduction to Trimble Connect APIs

Read this guide when starting integrating with Trimble Connect.

Free Personal Account

Get familiar with Trimble Connect using a free Personal account:

Trimble Connect license

By joining the Tekla Partners Program you will be able to purchase affordable Tekla Partners Program Suite.

The suite contains a Trimble Connect Business Premium license along with other Tekla software for development purposes. With the license you have access to full Trimble Connect functionality, Trimble Connect Workflow tools, and online support.

Getting the Trimble Connect API credentials

Once you have familiarized yourself with the Trimble Connect, .NET SDK,  API References, code examples and feel ready to start leveraging the Trimble Connect APIs, you will need to request API credentials unique to your organization and connected application. 

Note that every application needs its own API credentials. This helps us to help you if you have any issues with your integration.

Issuing application credentials normally takes 3-4 business days.

Get your credentials via the Tekla Partners Program

You can get your Trimble Connect API credentials created when you join the Tekla Partners Program.

When applying to Tekla Partners Program the form will ask you to fill in a few extra details, such as the name of your Trimble Connect application and the email address of your Trimble Identity. Read also the Trimble Connect SDK IU License Agreement.

Get your credentials via Trimble Connect Integrator Sign-up

Another way to get API credentials is to browse to the Trimble Connect: Integrator Sign-up page. Read through the instructions and the Trimble Connect SDK IU License Agreement. Then fill in the online form in order to request new credentials to be created for you.  

Start coding

Get familiar with the different Trimble Connect APIs, check the guides, code examples and API references - get started with the Introduction to Trimble Connect APIs.


Not a member of Tekla Partners Program yet?

Get familiar with the benefits and apply to the Tekla Partners Program! 

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