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Get started with Trimble Connect Core APIs

Updated: 22 May 2019

Introduction to Trimble Connect Core APIs

The Trimble Connect Core has APIs for managing entities such as projects, project memberships, files, todos, views.

The Core API allows one to read, write and update data into and out of the Trimble Connect platform. One can create folders, upload and download files, modify views and do much more from any application.

The Core APIs is a standard RESTful APIs. It uses GET to retrieve information, PUT to store or update a resource, POST to create a new entity, and DELETE to remove it.

Use the Trimble Connect .NET SDK

When programming in .NET we recommend using the Trimble Connect .NET SDK.

Authorization against the master region

With Trimble Connect core APIs, the authorization (access_token exchange) is done against the master region.

Trimble Connect region   


North America (master)

Europe (Ireland)

(see next chapter)

Asia (Singapore)

(see next chapter)

Project data requests against the region's server

Subsequent request for Trimble Connect project data are targeted against region specific servers. There is a method for discovering region specific server urls.

Code examples

Authenticate using Oauth2 (Password grant type)

Trimble Id token is returned in the response body as id_token.

Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

Exchange the id_token for a Trimble Connect API access token

Trimble Connect API access token is returned in the response body as token.

Content-Type: application/json
"jwt": "<id_token>"

Use the Trimble Connect APIs using the access token

Access token is passed in the request headers:

Authorization: Bearer <token>