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Code examples: Trimble Connect .NET SDK

Updated: 14 May 2019

Desktop code examples


ClientDemo shows how to use a Trimble.Connect.Client component to access Trimble Connect services.

Console application demonstrates following steps:

  1. Sign-in using web form
  2. List all projects
  3. Selects first project
  4. List all todos in the project
  5. Lists files and folders in the root folder
  6. Selects a first file in the root folder
  7. downloads file content and shows progress

Download ClientDemo code example.


Identity is a workbench type of application that demonstrates various Trimble Identity sign-in scenarios with the Trimble.Identity component.

  • Client app credentials initialization
  • Silent token acquisition
  • TokenCache usage (in-memory, persistant)
  • Web sign-in form (popup and embedded) - auth code grant flow
  • Custom sign-in UI - owner password flow
  • WinForms application
  • .NET 4.0 and 4.5 application

Download Identity code example.

Mobile code examples using Xamarin


This Trimble Idenitity example hows how to sign in using Trimble.Identity component and Xamarin.Forms in Android, iOS, and UWP (Universal Windows Platform).

Download SignIn code example.

Web signIn

The example shows web sign in using Trimble.Identity component and Xamarin.Forms.

Download WebSignIn code example.

Trimble Connect Browser

The browser code example demonstrated how to get Trimble Connect project data, for example:

  • List of projects
  • List of project members
  • List of files in the project
  • List of file versions
  • List of todos in the project
  • List of views in the project

Download TCBrowser code example.

Web code examples


This ASP.NET Core application demonstrates using Trimble Identity as an external Identity Provider in server side web application.

Download AspNetCoreTrimble code example.

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