Tekla Tedds API 2022 Release Notes

Updated: 25 Apr 2022

Tekla Tedds API 2022 Release Notes


Changes to the Tedds Application API.

IProject Interface

  • Added a new method IsOpen which can be used to determine whether a Tedds project is currently open.
  • Added a new method SetBimProject which allows the Tedds project to be linked to an external BIM project.
  • Added a new property BIMProject for retrieving information about a BIM project linked to the current Tedds project.
  • Added a new method SaveAsPdf which allows all the documents in a Tedds project to be saved in PDF format as separate files or a single file.


  • Added a new interface _IApplicationEvents for events which are raised by the Tedds application.
  • Added a new event ProjectCreated which is raised when a new Tedds project is created.
  • Added a new event ProjectdOpened which is raised when a Tedds project is opened.
  • Added a new event ProjectClosed which is raised when the current Tedds project is closed.


Changes to the TeddsCalculator API.

ICalculator Interface

  • Removed Login method from ICalculator interface