Tedds Add-In

Updated: 13 Nov 2020

This is an example Add-In which implements a number of functions for using a simple compact SQL database. Once this Add-In is registered then all of the DBase… functions exposed by the Add-In can then be used in Tekla Tedds calculations.

Download the TeddsAddInExamples from GitHub by clicking Clone or Download and then clicking Download ZIP

The source code for the example Add-In is provided in both C# and VB.Net and includes extensive comments to demonstrate how to write your own Add-In.

To use the example add-in follow the steps below:

  1. Using Microsoft Visual Studio, create a new C# or VB.Net Windows Class Library project.
  2. Extract the DBaseExampleAddIn.zip file to a directory on your system.
  3. Copy either DBaseAddIn.cs for C# or DBaseAddIn.vb for VB.NET to your new class library project directory and then add it to your project.
  4. Add a reference to Tedds.ExprInterop.dll which is located in the Tedds 32-bit program files installation directory (normally C:\Program Files (x86)\Tekla\Structural\Tedds)
  5. Add a reference to the Microsoft SQL Server Compact .NET component System.Data.SqlServerCe. The simplest way to do this is to use the Nuget Manager in Microsoft Visual Studio to add a reference to the Nuget package
  6. Build the project
  7. Register the example Add-In with Tekla Tedds using the steps described in the Tedds add-ins Registration documentation.
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