Tekla.Structural.InteropAssemblies.TeddsCalc Namespace

Tekla Tedds Calculator API

The Tedds Calculator is the application which performs the actual calculation processing, it can be used to evaluate single mathematical expressions or to evaluate complete calculations.

The Tedds Calculator is an Out-of-process COM Server TeddsCalc.exe which means it can be used from both 32-bit and 64-bit processes.

The Tekla.Structural.InteropAssemblies.TeddsCalc namespace contains the classes and types required to use the Tedds Calculator API.

  Interface Description
Public interface ICalculator
Interface for the main Tedds Calculator
Public interface ICalculatorExEvents
Interface for Calculator events.
Public interface ICalcValue
Interface for an ICalcValue, the fundamental data type used by the calculator for input and output values
Public interface IFunctions
Interface for executing calculation commands
  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration CalcStatus
Calculate status codes. Values less than zero are considered failures, values greater than zero are considered successful.
Public enumeration CalcValueFormat
Formats for converting numeric values to a string
Public enumeration CalcValueType
Value data types
Public enumeration OutputFormat
Document output formats
Public enumeration VariableFormat
Data formats for variables, currently only XML format is supported