Use this documentation when learning how to build applications using Tekla Open API.


If you're new to the Tekla Open API, this is the perfect starting point. Our user-friendly guides, exercises, examples, and expert tips will walk you through the process of becoming a proficient Tekla Structures developer. Practice makes perfect. Explore our interactive exercises to reinforce your learning and gain hands-on experience in creating custom solutions for Tekla Structures.

By the time you've completed this learning journey, you'll be equipped to customize Tekla Structures, automate repetitive tasks, and create powerful extensions tailored to your unique requirements. Get ready to unleash your creativity and take your Tekla Structures expertise to new heights.

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Check Tekla Open API 2024

Tekla Open API 2024

.NET Framework 4.8 or later is now required to compile tools using Tekla Open API 2024 libraries. Check out this and other improvements in Tekla Open API 2024.

Tekla Developer Awards 2024

Tekla Developer Awards

Solved a problem by writing great code? The Tekla BIM Awards has a special category for developers.

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Tekla Discussion Forum

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