Coding videos now available

Learn the Tekla Structures Open API by watching videos

Learn by watching videosTekla Open API coding videos

As a developer you may know that coding videos are important. Some learn better by watching the code being written.

By watching a coding video beginners and also experts are able to visually observe how the API is used in order to complete a task. Moreover, in the video it is possible to explain the hard parts of the code.

Tekla Open API coding videos

The first video in the official Tekla Open API playlist in YouTube was a typical Hello World video. That first coding video has now been viewed over 5000 times and people have hoped to see more of those.

So we decided to create more Tekla Open API coding videos. We have created, for example, one video about exporting the model information to a CNC file, there is a video about how to create rebars and stirrups, and another about how to create drawings.

You can watch a quick, 5-minute video summary video here:


All the official Tekla Open API videos can be accessed via Tekla Open API playlist in YouTube.

Also, you can watch the videos and read the related written guidelines in Documentation > Code examples section in Tekla Developer Center.