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Dimensions 2023 includes developer topics

Discover the network effect of Trimble Dimensions on November 6-8, 2023. Choose from hundreds of expert-led sessions, live demos, and hands-on workshops. This year, the program has a lot of developer topics and, for example, a construction startup competition.

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Collect leads from Tekla Warehouse

Tekla Warehouse has now a new option, the partner download link. The link allows you to share files from your company's website without uploading them to the Warehouse. On your own website, you can collect contact information, in accordance with your Privacy Notice, from those who have downloaded your application.

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New Tekla PowerFab code examples

Explore the power of Tekla PowerFab API by using the ready-made code examples.

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Construction Startup Competition 2023

Join the construction sector’s biggest startup competition and have a chance to receive capital and network with construction industry corporations. The Pitch Day 2023 will take place at the Trimble Dimensions User Conference on Nov. 6-8.

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The winning startup uses Tekla Structures as a platform

Australian startup ScaffPlan won the Developer category at Tekla Global BIM Awards 2022. The winning software leverages the powerful platform capabilities of Tekla Structures.

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Cooperation with platform partners

Trimble has signed a Cooperation Agreement with two partners, ScaffPlan and ParaMatic, who use Tekla Structures as a product platform for their own commercial applications.

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Thinking of starting a business?

What should be taken into account when starting a business? A guest writer, Nur Aimah has written concise startup business guidelines. 

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Have you tried the new TSD Remoting API?

Previously, the Remoting API could be used to extract model geometry and analysis results, but now the latest API version also includes creation and editing features.

Have you tried what all the new Tekla Structural Designer Remoting API can do?

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More efficient integrations with the Tekla PowerFab Open API

With the Tekla PowerFab Open API and the Sigmanest API, the number of manual steps was reduced from 14 to 6 and 80% time savings were achieved. Haskell Corporation is one of the companies using the new plugin. Check out what Project Manager / CNC Manager Neal Eaden has to say about reducing the number of moving parts through integration.

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Tekla Developer Awards 2022 open on June

Tekla Developer Awards showcases the amazing skills and talent of Tekla developers. The competition starts in June and the winner will receive a Jura coffee machine, valued at around 1000€/$.

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A free Tekla Open API certification course

Take the free certification course and earn a certificate to demonstrate your Tekla Open API expertise to your clients and professional network.

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Check Tekla Open API 2022 Beta

You can now check out Tekla Structures Open API 2022 Beta version and the latest API improvements and fixes.

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Instructor help for your tools

Give advice to your users on choosing between different tools, or instructions before running your tool in the Applications & components.

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Trimble launched $200 million venture fund

The fund is investing in early and growth-stage innovative companies that align with Trimble's mission of transforming work in e.g. the construction industry.

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Why discovery phase matters

A guest article by Maya Kirianova answers the question, “Why is the discovery phase of a software project so vital?”

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Trimble Connect TID v4 deadline

New Trimble Identity version TID v4 will be taken into use on August 30, 2021. Now is the last time to check that your Trimble Connect integration works with TID v4.

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Support your app users

Create easy user support by building your own community on the Tekla Discussion Forum.

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Develop without restarting Tekla Structures

While you debug and develop a plugin restarting Tekla Structures is very time-consuming. Use an advanced option to get rid of the problem.

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Puzzle pieces fall in place

Time and materials are much more expensive in the field than the detailing office. With just a few hours of programming using the Tekla Open API, you can make production and checking tools that will help shorten the overall schedule and prevent costly field fixes or downtime.

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“Where can I find coders?”

Tekla users ask Trimble's regional offices and resellers for info on software developers. Inquiries are directed to Tekla Development Experts. So if you are not yet on the list, add yourself now.

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Tekla Structures 2021 Beta is out

You can now start testing your app with the 2021 Beta version and check the potential of the latest API improvements and fixes.

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Advantage over competitors

Some Tekla detailing and engineering offices have hired software developers to better serve the needs of their clients and stay ahead of the competition. Here’s what you can learn from the experiences of 3 firms.

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Calculate with Tedds API

You can calculate mathematical expressions and, for example, use existing library calculations with Tekla Tedds API. Learn by watching the series of 5 short videos.

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Major Trimble Connect SDK update

Great news, Trimble Connect's .NET SDK is updated! In addition, Property Set and Organizer APIs have been changed and, for example, access control policy has been replaced by a more secure one.

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Developer Awards winner selected!

The winning tool solves a real problem and helps detailers in their work. The tool, developed in just 15 hours, shows how quickly really useful new tools can be created and encourages new developers to try out programming with Tekla Open API.

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Improved Experts directory

You can now add testimonials to your company profile in Tekla Development Experts. Moreover, your customers can rate you with a thumbs up/down.

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Test the long-waited Direct Manipulation API

We have now the Direct Manipulation API available for testing in Tekla Warehouse. Follow the instructions and give it a try.

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Tekla Partners Program now includes A&D

Good news! We have extended the Tekla Partners Program with two structural analysis and design software without extra cost: Tekla Tedds and Tekla Structural Designer.

Explore the A&D APIs 

New to Tekla Open API?

Check out our free Tekla Open API Basics interactive elearning course. Take the lessons at your own pace and at whatever time is most convenient for you.

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Tekla Model Sharing in coding projects

Tekla Model Sharing is a great tool (and offers a free trial) that can make remote coding projects more practical but it has to be used correctly.

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Tekla Open API 2020 is here!

We've again enhanced Tekla Open API. The 2020 API contains lot of bug fixes and many improvements.

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Tekla users need developers!

Promote your company in Tekla Development Experts. The page is the 5th most viewed page of the whole Tekla Developer Center.

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Add official badge to your website

The badge is to show you are a member of Tekla Partners Program. The official badge will add your credibility and tell your network about your membership.

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Digital transformation trends

Construction companies have one big goal in mind: higher productivity. Digital transformation is reshaping the construction industry from a flat underdeveloped field to powerful aggregates of data, skills, and science.

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Become a guest author

Now you can write an article and get it published in Tekla Developer Center. This is a great opportunity for Tekla developers to present their expertise.

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Tekla Developer Awards 2019 winner selected!

There was a hot competition between 4 tools that received almost equal number of votes.

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Trimble Connect changes

Your current Trimble Connect licenses will be replaced with Trimble Connect Business Premium licenses in 2020. You will get better control of your licenses: assign licenses only for those who use the software.

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Advanced technology for everyone

An innovative start-up allows anyone to build advanced solutions without programming or hiring developers.

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Trimble Digital Construction Summit - Post-event recap

The two-day Trimble Digital Construction Summit is over. Here are two selected highlights from the event.

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Tekla Developer Awards 2019 now open!

The waiting is finally over! Tekla Developer Awards 2019 is here!
The winner will receive an Oculus Quest.
Submit by October 31, 2019.

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Tekla 2019i versions released

You can now download 2019i versions of Tekla Structures and Tekla PowerFab. 

Check the many new improvements in Tekla Open API. For example, creating TSEP installations for analysis engines is now possible.

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Trimble Digital Construction Summit

You are invited to a two-day summit on November 18-19 in Copenhagen, Denmark to meet European civil and building construction professionals. This is a unique opportunity for Tekla developers to network with a wide range of construction businesses all under one roof.

More Tekla licenses for you!

We are excited to announce that we have added more products to Tekla Partners Program! The new offering, Tekla Partners Program Suite, includes Tekla Structures Partner, Tekla PowerFab and Trimble Connect for Tekla.

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3 APIs - what you can do with them?

Learn what you can do with the 3 Tekla software APIs included in Tekla Partners Program. This short introduction with a video encourages you to further explore the power of Tekla APIs.

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Developer Awards 2019 schedule available

Tekla Developer Awards showcases the amazing skills and talent of Tekla developers. Start planning now, the entries must be submitted within October! Your application may utilize any of the three Tekla APIs: Tekla Structures, Tekla PowerFab, or Trimble Connect.

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Tekla Development Experts

Tekla Structures users are increasingly in need of Tekla developers. Therefore, we launched a new directory called Tekla Development Experts. It's a place where talented programmers and interested Tekla users can get together. 

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Developer Awards 2019

Solved a problem and wrote great code? Join the Tekla Developer Awards competition to get your app in front of Tekla users globally! 

We will continue the API competitions tradition this year by launching the official Tekla Developer Awards in the fall.

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Official Tekla Open API coding videos available

Coding videos are important. Some learn better by watching code being written. So, Tekla Open API team has started creating coding videos, along with written guidelines. 

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