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Where to use Tekla Structures Open API?

Updated: 2 Sep 2019

Tekla Structures can be adapted to your needs: customize if you want. Tekla Structures Open API, known also as Tekla Open API, provides an interface for different kind of applications to interact with model and drawing objects in Tekla Structures.

Where to use Tekla Open API

Tekla Open API can be utilized with variety of applications

Automate routine tasks

By recording and running user interface actions it is possible to automate routine tasks such as creating daily reports. 

With the Tekla Open API you can automate for example the creation of modeling and drawing objects. These creation tools are typically frequently needed in projects and can for instance: 

  • Create basic structures to model such as type base hall.
  • Insert typical AutoCAD details to drawings based on drawing information.
  • Automate creation of dimensions for GA drawing based on model information.


Integrate Tekla Structures into your own process, workflow, and software

Tekla Structures interfaces with other solutions, digital construction tools and manufacturing machinery for efficient, error-free construction and profitable projects.

Information can be transferred between Tekla Structures model and drawing database and other software used in your workflow, such as: 

  • Analysis & Design
    • Interface with analysis and design packages through Tekla Open API
  • MIS software solutions
    • In steel fabrication
    • In precast concrete manufacturing
  • Production machines
    • In steel, you can integrate any CNC software that imports DSTV
    • For precast concrete production, information from a Tekla model can be transferred to communicate reinforcement, embedded materials and concrete geometry
  • Project management
    • Integrate communication and time-based management data
    • Create dynamic dashboard views of project status
  • Architectural integration
    • Share Tekla Structures model and drawing information with architectural modeling programs
  • Industrial collaboration
    • Interface with process and plant layout planning and piping design products
    • Office tools

    See examples of companies and integrations built with Tekla Open API:

    Develop additional functionality to extend and enhance Tekla Structures

    It is possible to create tools which will add functionality or information to Tekla Structures through the API, such as: 

    • RFI (Request for Information) management.
    • New connection creator between parts.
    • Model check and correction tools.
    • Erection and site planning tools.
    • Calculating externally values for reports.
    • Recording and running recorded UI macros.

    Produce BIM product catalogs for a building product manufacturer

    With the help of Tekla Open API it is easy to create intelligent BIM products and components that adapt to changes in Tekla Structures model.