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Tekla Open API basics elearning course

Updated: 25 Apr 2022


 This is the interactive Tekla Open API elearning course.

This is an interactive Tekla Open API elearning course containing six lessons.


If you would like to earn a certificate, take the free Tekla Open API Fundamentals online course at



In this lesson you will learn what Tekla Open API is and what do you need to get started. 


Beam application

You will create a new Microsoft Visual Studio project and build your own beam application.

beam application

Contour plate

This lesson introduces you the ContourPlate, PolyBeam and Picker classes.

Contour plate

Modify model object properties

This lesson explains how to set more attributes to the model parts.

Modify model

A bolt array application

You will learn more about Picker class and how to create bolts, bolt groups, studs and holes.

Bolt array application


Create fitting and cuts on a model object

In this lesson you will learn about 3D calculations and how to apply fittings and cuts to model objects.

Create fitting and cuts


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