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Selected Tekla Open API classes

Updated: 13 May 2019

This guide includes notes for some of the most commonly used Tekla Open API classes.


Point class

The beam's StartPoint and EndPoint properties return values in the current work plane coordinate system.

Offset class

Offset.Dx is defined using the object's coordinate system. Offset.Dy and Offset.Dz are defined using the current work plane coordinate system.

Before trying to use the offset values it is important to make sure what the current work plane is since these values can be changed depending on the current work plane.

Picker class

The Picker.PickFace returns the face vertices in the global coordinate system.

The Picker.PickLine returns the points in the current workplane coordinate system.

Solid class

When using the Solid.intersect method, Solid.Intersect(LineSegment), the line segment must be at least 3.2mm long.