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Plug-ins (.dll)

Updated: 13 May 2019

Plug-ins are component tools used to for example automate creation of model or drawing objects.

Plug-ins are loaded inside the Tekla Structures process. In Tekla Structures, start Plug-ins from the Applications & components Catalog.

The Tekla.Structures.Plugins assembly provides for example following classes for creating plug-ins:

Class               Description
PluginBase   An abstract base class for component tools.









A base class for plug-ins that use Windows Forms for dialog design. Class adds the following support:

  • .Net dialogs

  • Data connections

  • Tekla Structures data types and conversions automatically

  • Multiple language support

  • Storing of default values


  Base class for defining Connections, Details and Seams. These types are more specialized and restricted by the input values than the ones derived from PluginBase.


  Base class for defining custom parts.


  An abstract base class for drawings plug-ins. Contains the user-interface and the dialog using the PluginFormBase.