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MatrixFactory class

Updated: 13 May 2019

The MatrixFactory class provides a convenient way to generate different kinds of transformation matrices.

This example shows how to transform a point between coordinate systems.

Model myModel = new Model(); 
WorkPlaneHandler myWorkPlaneHandler = myModel.GetWorkPlaneHandler(); 
Beam myBeam = new Beam(); 
Point myPoint = new Point(100,200,300); 

//Using the current work plane
TransformationPlane currentPlane =  myWorkPlaneHandler.GetCurrentTransformationPlane(); 
//Get matrix to transform to the beam's local coordinate system 
Matrix transformationMatrix =  MatrixFactory.ToCoordinateSystem(myBeam.GetCoordinateSystem()); 

//Transform the point from current work plane to the local coordinate system 
Point localPoint = TransformationMatrix.Transform(myPoint); 
//Get the matrix to transform from local to current work plane 
Matrix TransformationMatrix =  MatrixFactory.FromCoordinateSystem(myBeam.GetCoordinateSystem()); 

//Transform the point from local to the current work plane coordinate system 
myPoint = TransformationMatrix.Transform(localPoint);