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Get started with Tekla Structures Open API

Updated: 21 Aug 2019

Get started with Tekla Open API

In this guide you will go through how to get started with Tekla Structures Open API (known also as Tekla Open API) and how to create your first Tekla Structures applications.



You need to purchase a Tekla Structures license to develop on top of Tekla Open API. If you do not have a license yet, or you would like to develop for 3rd parties,  join Tekla Partners Program. If you are a student or just evaluating Tekla Open API, download free Tekla Structures Learning from Tekla Campus.

See Policy page for summary of the license terms. Read also the full length copy of the End-User License Agreement on the bottom of the Policy page.

Prepare your setup

  1. To get started you will need to create a new Microsoft Visual Studio project
  2. Then you should install Tekla Open API and add assemblies to your project as references
  3. Next, add directives to namespaces of Tekla Structures assemblies

Start coding

1. Watch how to create your first Hello World application

After watching the video you will know how the using statements let you to reference to Tekla Open API and how to code and run a simple Tekla Structures application.

2. Edit existing code example

  1. Take a look at this code example that creates a beam to Tekla Structures model
  2. Take the steps described in the code example and run you first Tekla Open API application. Or download the source code and then run the exe
  3. View the code and try to understand what's going on
  4. Make some small changes to the code and run the application again

You can always use the code examples' source code as a starting point for creating your own apps. Take the code and modify it to fit your need.

3. Take a series of exercises

Now you are ready to go through series of self learning exercises that help you learn and practice basic concepts of Tekla Open API. The exercises work through some typical issues you will face. You will implement an application that creates a building frame and produces drawings from that.

4. Download Tekla Open API training slides

To understand more deeply how Tekla Open API works download Tekla Open API training slides. Training slides are targeted at those who knows Tekla Structures but does not know Tekla Open API, Microsoft Visual Studio or C# programming language too well.