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Drawing code examples

Updated: 13 May 2019

Here you will find plenty of Tekla Structures drawing code examples to get you started with Tekla Open API.


These Tekla Open API drawing code examples shows in detail how to create drawing applications and plugins. Download Tekla Open API drawing code examples and look through the code to see what they do. You can make your own modifications and adapt the example to your own needs.

Before you start, see instructions how to get code examples.


Tekla Open API drawing code examples

Drawing applications

Code example: Drawing list handler       Go through various drawings and drawing objects.
Code example: Create views in drawings   Create general arrangement drawings with different views.
Code example: Create different dimensions   Create different dimensions for drawings.
Code example: Create straight dimensions to beams   Create straight x- dimensions to all the beams in the active drawing.
Code example: Get info of part   Select a part from a drawing and retrieve
info about the part from the model.
Code example: Create bounding box   Create a bounding box around the model object that the user selects in the drawing.

Drawing plug-ins

Code example: Create drawing plug-in using Windows Forms       Create a basic drawing plug-in that uses Windows Forms.
Code example: Create an ellipse   Create an ellipse to the drawing based on users input.
Code example: Insert mark with text to part   Insert a mark with defined text on a picked part in drawing.
Code example: Insert mark with point info   Pick two points and insert a mark to the drawing based on the points.
Code example: Draw symbol to indicate location of bolt   Pick a bolt in the drawing and draw an arrow in the direction of the slotted bolt.