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Create Instructor help for your tool

Updated: 19 Jan 2022

In this guide you will learn how create your own customized Instructor help for tools in the Applications & components catalog. 

Tekla Structures 2021 introduced a new side pane, Instructor, that shows instructions for e.g. the ribbon commands, custom components and applications. Instructor shows content on selection, so the information is especially useful for giving advice to your users on choosing between different components or giving instructions before running a tool.

To make full use of Instructor, users should arrange their side panels so that both panels are visible:

Follow this guide to create Instructor help for your Tekla Structures tool

How to create Instructor help

  1. First, watch a video explaining what the Instructor is and how it works. 
  2. Then learn how to add instructor help for applications and components.
  3. Next, create your own html help content by following these instructions: Editing HTML files for Instructor.
  4. Finally, test that your help is displayed correctly in the Instructor.