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Updated: 13 May 2019

Get inspired! 

Learn Tekla Open API by watching someone else writing the code.

This page gathers various Trimble coding videos in one place.  


Video: how to create your first Hello World application

After watching the video you will know how the using statements let you to reference to Tekla Open API and how to code and run a simple Tekla Structures application.

See also Get started with Tekla Open API.

Video: how to create an app that creates drawings

See how to build an Tekla Open API application that creates drawings from selected model objects.

The video explains how to create part drawings based on user selection and how to add views to the drawings.

See also Code example: Create views in drawings.

Video: learn to build an app that exports to CNC machines

Create an Tekla Open API application that exports model objects to NC files to be used by CNC machines.

This 5-minute video shows how to export the selected parts of Tekla Structures model to the NC files in DSTV format.

See also Code example: Export model objects to NC files.

Video: build an app that creates rebars and stirrups

This video shows how to build an Tekla Open API app that automatically creates single rebars and strirrups.

You will learn how to utilize intelligent system components (included in Tekla Structures) in your own code.

See also Code example: Create single rebars and stirrups using system connections (application).


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