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Check the component consistency

Updated: 13 May 2019

Create a new model and check the following of each component:

  • Import of the custom component displays no warnings in the log file


Custom components which use items need to have also the related items imported into the shape catalog

  • Correct input points are used
  • Embed is correctly created in the model
  • Component name has the prefix “EB_”
  • Thumbnail shows correct embed and input points
  • Keywords are correct (if used)
  • Information in the component dialog is correct (translations) and useful
  • All objects belong to the assembly
  • Possible welds are workshop
  • If the embed is parametric – does it work?

Open the component in the Custom Component Editor and check the following:

  • Geometry is as simple as possible
  • Rebars and studs used instead of round bars
  • Bolt-objects used for holes
  • Steel profiles
    • parametric (not library profiles)
    • material “Undefined”
    • class 100 or 101
  • User-defined attributes (only main part):
    • Product weight defined
    • Product unit defined if something else than ´piece´
  • Rebars
    • Numbering prefix: “EB_Product name”
    • Name: component name
    • grade “Undefined”
    • class 100

Check also:

  • Bolts and studs are workshop
  • Correct positioning settings are used
  • Required parameters are available, translatable and linked to the correct attributes
    • P1a - Name
    • P2a - Product description
    • P3a - Product code
    • P4a - Start number
    • P5a – Finish
    • P6a – Numbering prefix (part- or assembly prefix)
    • P7a - Product unit (if component is parametric)
    • P8a - Product weight (if component is parametric)



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