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Arena Amazônia: Efficiency gain on football stadium construction with reports and templates

Tekla Structures Open API and Arena Amazônia

Martifer Construções successfully realized Arena Amazônia, a football stadium. Martifer achieved 20% increase in productivity using Tekla Structures' Open API and customizing reports and templates. They saved time and benefited from the easiness of adapting Tekla models to the constant changes in the project

Arena Amazônia offers seats for 44,500 football fans. The Amazon Rainforest, which surrounds Manaus, and straw baskets of indigenous peoples inspired the German Gerkan, Marg und Partner (GMP) to create the architecture that Martifer Construções successfully realized. Martifer began work in November 2012 and the Arena was inaugurated in March 2014.

A steel structure circulates the arena creating a 23,000 square meter roof. Using 7,000 tons of steel, the main and secondary structures of angled and H profiles and steel plates rise to the height of 31 meters.

“We must highlight the 20% increase in productivity achieved using Tekla Structures' Open API and the ability to customize reports and templates. We benefited greatly from all the time we saved and from the easiness of adapting Tekla models to the constant changes in a project of this magnitude,” says Martifer´s Modeling Management Team.

Using Tekla Structures Open API in the Arena Amazônia increased productivity by 20%
Productivity increased 20% by using Tekla Open API and ability to customize.
Tekla Structures Open API used in Arena Amazonia project
Time was saved and it was easy to adapt to constant changes in the project.