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Tekla.Structures.ModelInternal.Dstv Namespace

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

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  Class Description
Public class DstvBendInfo
The dstv bent line block information.
Public class DstvContour
The dstv contour block information.
Public class DstvContourRow
The information about a dstv contour point.
Public class DstvHeader
The dstv header information.
Public class DstvHole
The dstv bolt hole block information.
Public class DstvHoleRow
The dstv hole information
Public class DstvMark
The dstv contour marking block information.
Public class DstvMarkRow
The contour marking point information.
Public class DstvNumeration
The dstv numeration block information.
Public class DstvPoint
The dstv point information.
Public class DstvStructure
The dstv class which contains all the dstv information about a part.
Public class DstvWeldingPreparation
The dstv weld preparation information.
Public class HeaderFields
The header fields available in Dstv.
Public classCode example HeaderOrder
The class used to define the order for Dstv Header using HeaderFields. If the header is not initialized, it will use the DSTV standard.
Public class HeaderRow
The class used to create a row in header order list.
  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration DstvContourType
Dstv contour type
Public enumeration DstvHoleType
Hole type
Public enumeration DstvMarkType
Contour marking type
Public enumeration DstvNotchType
Notch type
Public enumeration DstvReferenceType
Dimension reference type
Public enumeration DstvViewType
The dstv view type.