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ProfileConversion Class

The ProfileConversion class provides functionalities to convert profile strings from/to current units (set in "Units and decimals, Catalog, Profiles, Section Dimension" options).
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Tekla.Structures.Dialog
Assembly:  Tekla.Structures.Dialog (in Tekla.Structures.Dialog.dll) Version: 2023.0.1
public class ProfileConversion

The ProfileConversion type exposes the following members.

Public methodProfileConversion
Initializes a new instance of the ProfileConversion class
Public methodStatic memberConvertFromCurrentUnits
Converts a profile string from current units to internal units (set in Units and decimals options).
Public methodStatic memberConvertToCurrentUnits
Converts a profile string from internal units to current units (set in Units and decimals options).
The next example assumes that the option "Units and decimals, Catalog, Profiles, Section Dimension" is set to "in".
using Tekla.Structures.Dialog;

class Example
    public Example()
        string Profile = "PL10*10"; // Or "PL10\"*10\""
        string ConvertedProfile = string.Empty;

        ProfileConversion.ConvertFromCurrentUnits(Profile, ref ConvertedProfile);
        // ConvertedProfile will contain "PL254*254"

        Profile = "PL508*25.4";
        ProfileConversion.ConvertToCurrentUnits(Profile, ref ConvertedProfile);
        // The converted profile will contain "PL20\"*1\""
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