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AnalysisLoadGroupLoadGroupTypeEnum Enumeration

The types of load groups.

Namespace:  Tekla.Structures.Analysis
Assembly:  Tekla.Structures.Analysis (in Tekla.Structures.Analysis.dll) Version: 2023.0.1
public enum LoadGroupTypeEnum
  Member nameValueDescription
NOT_DEFINED0 The load group has not been defined.
LOADM_DEFAULT_GROUP1000 The default load group.
LOADM_SELF_WEIGHT_EC1001 The Eurocode self weight type.
LOADM_PERMANENT_LOAD_EC1002 The Eurocode permanent load type.
LOADM_PRE_STRESS_LOAD_EC1003 The Eurocode pre-stress load type.
LOADM_LIVE_LOAD_HOUSING_EC1004 The Eurocode live load housing type.
LOADM_LIVE_LOAD_PUBLIC_BUILDINGS_EC1005 The Eurocode live load public buildings type.
LOADM_LIVE_LOAD_THEATRES_RESTAURANTS_EC1006 The Eurocode live load theatres, restaurants type.
LOADM_LIVE_LOAD_WAREHOUSES_EC1007 The Eurocode live load warehouses type.
LOADM_LIVE_LOAD_STORAGE_BUILDINGS_EC1008 The Eurocode live load storage buildings type.
LOADM_TRAFFIC_LOAD_LIGHT_VEHICLES_EC1009 The Eurocode traffic load light vehicles type.
LOADM_TRAFFIC_LOAD_HEAVY_VEHICLES_EC1010 The Eurocode traffic load heavy vehicles type.
LOADM_TRAFFIC_LOAD_ROOFS_EC1011 The Eurocode traffic load roofs type.
LOADM_SNOW_LOAD_EC1012 The Eurocode snow load type.
LOADM_WIND_LOAD_EC1013 The Eurocode wind load type.
LOADM_FORCES_DUE_TO_TEMPERATURE_EFFECTS_EC1014 The Eurocode forces due to temperature effects type.
LOADM_IMPERFECTION_LOAD_DUE_TO_DEAD_LOADS_EC1015 The Eurocode imperfection load due to dead loads type.
LOADM_IMPERFECTION_LOAD_DUE_TO_LIVE_LOADS_EC1016 The Eurocode imperfection load due to live loads type.
LOADM_IMPERFECTION_LOAD_DUE_TO_SNOW_LOADS_EC1017 The Eurocode imperfection load due to snow loads type.
LOADM_ACCIDENTAL_LOAD_EC1018 The Eurocode accidental load type.
LOADM_EARTHQUAKE_LOAD_EC1019 The Eurocode earthquake load type.
LOADM_DEAD_LOAD_ALONE_BS2001 The British code dead load alone type.
LOADM_DEADLOAD_BS2002 The British code dead load type.
LOADM_IMPOSED_LOAD_BS2003 The British code imposed load type.
LOADM_WIND_LOAD_BS2004 The British code wind load type.
LOADM_TEMPERATURE_LOAD_BS2005 The British code temperature load type.
LOADM_VERTICAL_CRANE_LOAD_BS2006 The British code vertical crane load type.
LOADM_HORIZONTAL_CRANE_LOAD_BS2007 The British code horizontal crane load type.
LOADM_DEAD_LOAD_ALONE_AISC3001 The AISC dead load alone type.
LOADM_DEAD_LOAD_AISC3002 The AISC dead load type.
LOADM_LIVE_LOAD_AISC3003 The AISC live load type.
LOADM_ROOF_LIVE_LOAD_AISC3004 The AISC roof live load type.
LOADM_WIND_LOAD_AISC3005 The AISC wind load type.
LOADM_SNOW_LOAD_AISC3006 The AISC snow load type.
LOADM_RAINWATER_LOAD_AISC3007 The AISC rainwater load type.
LOADM_EARTHQUAKE_LOAD_AISC3008 The AISC earthquake load type.
LOADM_PERMANENT_LOAD_FR_CM666001 The CM66 permanent load type.
LOADM_EXPLOITATION_LOAD_FR_CM666002 The CM66 exploitation load type.
LOADM_TEMPERATURE_LOAD_FR_CM666003 The CM66 temperature load type.
LOADM_WIND_LOAD_FR_CM666004 The CM66 wind load type.
LOADM_SNOW_LOAD_FR_CM666005 The CM66 snow load type.
LOADM_SEISMIC_LOAD_HORIZONTAL_FR_CM666006 The CM66 seismic load horizontal type.
LOADM_SEISMIC_LOAD_VERTICAL_FR_CM666007 The CM66 seismic load vertical type.
LOADM_PERMANENT_LOAD_FR_BAEL917001 The BAEL91 permanent load type.
LOADM_EXPLOITATION_LOAD_FR_BAEL917002 The BAEL91 exploitation load type.
LOADM_TEMPERATURE_LOAD_FR_BAEL917003 The BAEL91 temperature load type.
LOADM_WIND_LOAD_FR_BAEL917004 The BAEL91 wind load type.
LOADM_SNOW_LOAD_FR_BAEL917005 The BAEL91 snow load type.
LOADM_SEISMIC_LOAD_FR_BAEL917006 The BAEL91 seismic load type.
LOADM_ACCIDENTAL_LOAD_FR_BAEL917007 The BAEL91 accidental load type.
LOADM_DEAD_LOAD_UBC8001 The UBC dead load type.
LOADM_LIVE_LOAD_UBC8002 The UBC live load type.
LOADM_ROOF_LIVE_LOAD_UBC8003 The UBC roof live load type.
LOADM_WIND_LOAD_UBC8004 The UBC wind load type.
LOADM_SNOW_LOAD_UBC8005 The UBC snow load type.
LOADM_TEMPERATURE_LOAD_UBC8006 The UBC temperature load type.
LOADM_FLUIDS_LOAD_UBC8007 The UBC fluids load type.
LOADM_SOIL_LOAD_UBC8008 The UBC soil load type.
LOADM_PONDING_LOAD_UBC8009 The UBC ponding load type.
LOADM_SEISMIC_LOAD_UBC8010 The UBC seismic load type.
LOADM_DEAD_LOAD_IBC9001 The IBC dead load type.
LOADM_LIVE_LOAD_IBC9002 The IBC live load type.
LOADM_ROOF_LIVE_LOAD_IBC9003 The IBC roof live load type.
LOADM_WIND_LOAD_IBC9004 The IBC wind load type.
LOADM_SNOW_LOAD_IBC9005 The IBC snow load type.
LOADM_TEMPERATURE_LOAD_IBC9006 The IBC temperature load type.
LOADM_FLUIDS_LOAD_IBC9007 The IBC fluids load type.
LOADM_SOIL_LOAD_IBC9008 The IBC soil load type.
LOADM_RAIN_LOAD_IBC9009 The IBC rain load type.
LOADM_PONDING_LOAD_IBC9010 The IBC ponding load type.
LOADM_SEISMIC_LOAD_IBC9011 The IBC seismic load type.
LOADM_DEAD_LOAD_ACI9101 The ACI dead load type.
LOADM_LIVE_LOAD_ACI9102 The ACI live load type.
LOADM_ROOF_LIVE_LOAD_ACI9103 The ACI roof live load type.
LOADM_WIND_LOAD_ACI9104 The ACI wind load type.
LOADM_SEISMIC_LOAD_ACI9105 The ACI seismic load type.
LOADM_SNOW_LOAD_ACI9106 The ACI snow load type.
LOADM_FLUIDS_LOAD_ACI9107 The ACI fluids load type.
LOADM_SOIL_LOAD_ACI9108 The ACI soil load type.
LOADM_RAIN_LOAD_ACI9109 The ACI rain load type.
LOADM_TEMPERATURE_LOAD_ACI9110 The ACI temperature load type.
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