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PointCloud Properties

The PointCloud type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBoundingBox
Gets or sets the bounding box.
Public propertyGuid
Gets or sets the guid.
Public propertyLocationBy
Gets or sets the location by value: Empty for model origin, base point guid for base point.
Public propertyName
Gets or sets the point clouds name. Abbreviated from the point cloud file name. Cannot be given by user.
Public propertyOffsetX
Gets or sets the offset X.
Public propertyOffsetY
Gets or sets the offset Y.
Public propertyOffsetZ
Gets or sets the offset Z.
Public propertyOriginalPath
Gets or sets the point clouds path (where it originally located).
Public propertyRotationZ
Gets or sets the rotation Z.
Public propertyScale
Gets or sets the scale.
Public propertyUrl
Gets or sets the point clouds URL without a file name.
Public propertyUseAutoCreatedBasePoint
Gets or sets a value indicating whether an auto-created base point should be used. If set to true, LocationBy value is ignored.
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