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GridPlane Properties

The GridPlane type exposes the following members.

Public propertyColor Obsolete.
The color of the grid plane. This works only in wireframe views. The color of grid planes in rendered views can be changed using the advanced option XS_GRID_COLOR.
Public propertyDrawingVisibility
The visibility of the grid surface in drawings.
Public propertyExtensionAbove
The line extension above.
Public propertyExtensionBelow
The line extension below.
Public propertyExtensionForMagneticArea Obsolete.
The extension for the magnetic area.
Public propertyExtensionLeft
The line extension on the left.
Public propertyExtensionRight
The line extension on the right.
Public propertyFather Obsolete.
The father grid of the grid plane.
Public propertyIdentifier
The identifier of the object.
(Inherited from Object.)
Public propertyIsMagnetic
Whether the grid surface is magnetic or not.
Public propertyIsManual
Gets or sets if the line was manually created.
(Inherited from GridSurface.)
Public propertyIsUpToDate
Gets if the object does not have a modification which is not shared.
(Inherited from ModelObject.)
Public propertyLabel
The label for the grid surface.
Public propertyModificationTime
Gets latest time of the object was modified or created.
(Inherited from ModelObject.)
Public propertyParent
The parent grid of the grid surface.
(Inherited from GridSurface.)
Public propertyPlane
The plane defining the position of the grid plane.
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