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BoltGroup Properties

The BoltGroup type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBlindHoleDepth
Gets or sets the blind hole depth.
Public propertyBolt
Indicates whether the instance is a bolt or just a hole.
Public propertyBoltHolesAttributes
The bolt holes attributes.
Public propertyBoltPositions
Gets the single bolt positions. All the bolt positions are in the XY-plane defined by the bolt group coordinate system. The given positions are in relation to the transformation plane in which the bolt group was selected.
Public propertyBoltSize
The size of the bolts in the group.
Public propertyBoltStandard
The standard of the bolt group.
Public propertyBoltType
The type of the bolt group.
Public propertyConnectAssemblies
Defines whether to connect a part or an assembly as a secondary part (false) or as a sub-assembly (true).
Public propertyCutLength
The cut length.
Public propertyEndPointOffset
The end point offset values of the bolt group.
Public propertyExtraLength
The extra length for the bolts.
Public propertyFirstPosition
The first position point.
Public propertyHole1
Indicates whether the hole 1 is used.
Public propertyHole2
Indicates whether the hole 2 is used.
Public propertyHole3
Indicates whether the hole 3 is used.
Public propertyHole4
Indicates whether the hole 4 is used.
Public propertyHole5
Indicates whether the hole 5 is used.
Public propertyHoleType
The special hole type: oversized, slotted, blind or no hole.
Public propertyIdentifier
The identifier of the object.
(Inherited from Object.)
Public propertyIsUpToDate
Gets if the object does not have a modification which is not shared.
(Inherited from ModelObject.)
Public propertyLength
The length. An extra variable that is only set when the bolt group is made of studs instead of bolts.
Public propertyModificationTime
Gets latest time of the object was modified or created.
(Inherited from ModelObject.)
Public propertyNut1
Indicates whether the nut 1 is used in the assembly.
Public propertyNut2
Indicates whether the nut 2 is used in the assembly.
Public propertyOtherPartsToBolt
The other parts to be bolted (read-only).
Public propertyPartToBeBolted
The part to be bolted.
Public propertyPartToBoltTo
The part to bolt to.
Public propertyPlainHoleType
Gets or sets the plain hole type.
Public propertyPosition
The position attributes.
Public propertyRotateSlots
Gets or sets the rotation of the slots: odd, even or parallel.
Public propertySecondPosition
The second position point.
Public propertySlotOffsetX
Gets or sets the slotted hole offset X.
Public propertySlotOffsetY
Gets or sets the slotted hole offset Y.
Public propertySlottedHoleX
Gets or sets the X allowance of the slotted hole.
Public propertySlottedHoleY
Gets or sets the Y allowance of the slotted hole.
Public propertyStartPointOffset
The start point offset values of the bolt group.
Public propertyThreadInMaterial
Whether the thread goes inside the materal or not.
Public propertyTolerance
The hole tolerance.
Public propertyWasher1
Indicates whether the washer 1 is used in the assembly.
Public propertyWasher2
Indicates whether the washer 2 is used in the assembly.
Public propertyWasher3
Indicates whether the washer 3 is used in the assembly.
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