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BaseWeldWeldTypeEnum Enumeration

The weld types.

Namespace:  Tekla.Structures.Model
Assembly:  Tekla.Structures.Model (in Tekla.Structures.Model.dll) Version: 2023.0.1
public enum WeldTypeEnum
  Member nameValueDescription
WELD_TYPE_NONE0 No weld type.
WELD_TYPE_EDGE_FLANGE1 The edge-flange weld.
WELD_TYPE_SQUARE_GROOVE_SQUARE_BUTT2 The square-groove (square butt) weld.
WELD_TYPE_BEVEL_GROOVE_SINGLE_V_BUTT3 The bevel-groove (single-V butt) weld.
WELD_TYPE_BEVEL_GROOVE_SINGLE_BEVEL_BUTT4 The bevel-groove (single-bevel butt) weld.
WELD_TYPE_SINGLE_V_BUTT_WITH_BROAD_ROOT_FACE5 The single-V butt weld with broad root face.
WELD_TYPE_SINGLE_BEVEL_BUTT_WITH_BROAD_ROOT_FACE6 The single-bevel butt weld with broad root face.
WELD_TYPE_U_GROOVE_SINGLE_U_BUTT7 The U-groove (single U-butt) weld.
WELD_TYPE_J_GROOVE_J_BUTT8 The J-groove (single J-butt) weld.
WELD_TYPE_BEVEL_BACKING9 The bevel backing weld.
WELD_TYPE_FILLET10 The fillet weld.
WELD_TYPE_PLUG11 The plug weld.
WELD_TYPE_SPOT12 The spot weld.
WELD_TYPE_SEAM13 The seam weld.
WELD_TYPE_SLOT14 The slot weld.
WELD_TYPE_FLARE_BEVEL_GROOVE15 The flare-bevel-groove weld.
WELD_TYPE_FLARE_V_GROOVE16 The flare V-groove weld.
WELD_TYPE_CORNER_FLANGE17 The corner-flange weld.
WELD_TYPE_PARTIAL_PENETRATION_SINGLE_BEVEL_BUTT_PLUS_FILLET18 The partial penetration (single-bevel butt + fillet) weld.
WELD_TYPE_PARTIAL_PENETRATION_SQUARE_GROOVE_PLUS_FILLET19 The partial penetration (square groove + fillet) weld.
WELD_TYPE_MELT_THROUGH20 The melt-through weld.
STEEP_FLANKED_BEVEL_GROOVE_SINGLE_V_BUTT21 The steep flanked bevel groove single-V butt weld.
STEEP_FLANKED_BEVEL_GROOVE_SINGLE_BEVEL_BUTT22 The steep flanked bevel groove single-bevel butt weld.
WELD_TYPE_EDGE23 The edge weld.
WELD_TYPE_ISO_SURFACING24 The ISO surfacing weld.
WELD_TYPE_FOLD25 The fold weld.
WELD_TYPE_INCLINED26 The inclined weld.
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