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BasePoint Methods

The BasePoint type exposes the following members.

Public methodConvertFromBasePoint(Point)
Converts the given this base points point to local point.
Public methodStatic memberConvertFromBasePoint(BasePoint, Point)
Converts the given base point point to local point.
Public methodConvertToBasePoint(Point)
Converts the given local point to this base point.
Public methodStatic memberConvertToBasePoint(BasePoint, Point)
Converts the given local point to given base point.
Public methodDelete
Deletes the base point from the model database.
Public methodGetCompoundPlaneAngleLatitude
Gets the Latitude as a compound plane angle.
Public methodGetCompoundPlaneAngleLongitude
Gets the Longitude as a compound plane angle.
Public methodGetCoordinateSystem
Gets the coordinate system of the base point.
Public methodInsert
Inserts the base point into the model database.
Public methodModify
Modifies the base point in the model database.
Public methodSetAsCurrent
Sets this base point as current base point point until the token is disposed of. Can be used for example when retrieving report values according to this base point.
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