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Tekla.Structures Namespace

The Tekla.Structures namespace contains some basic common types that are shared between Tekla Structures Model and Drawing.
  Class Description
Public class Assertion
Defines an assertion by the method it failed in and the messages it provided.
Public class ClashCheckOptions
The ClashCheckOptions class represents the clash check options.
Public class ComponentOptions
The ComponentOptions class represents the component options.
Public class Identifier
The Identifier class represents an identifier that holds information about the identifier number of an object.
Public class ModuleManager
The ModuleManager class handles the product model module configuration information: the information that defines what configuration the customer is currently running.
Public class TeklaStructuresFiles
The TeklaStructuresFiles class is for the paths where the attributes file will be searched for.
Public class TeklaStructuresInfo
The TeklaStructuresInfo class provides information about Tekla Structures.
Public class TeklaStructuresSettings
The TeklaStructuresSettings class provides methods to inquire application settings.
Public class TeklaStructuresSettingsToolOptionNames
Tool option names.
Public class TeklaStructuresVariables
The EnvironmentVariables class contains a sorted list specializing in getting active environment variables and advanced option settings. It also checks options.ini files in the active model folder as well as options_user.ini files.
  Delegate Description
Public delegate TeklaStructuresSettingsInvalidPathCallback
The invalid path callback - provides error logging for GetAdvancedOptionPaths when a string is found to be invalid as a path
  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration AutoDirectionTypeEnum
The auto direction type defines how a connection or detail coordinate system will be oriented automatically.
Public enumeration ComponentDefinitionTypeEnum
The component definition type tells what kind of a component is in question.
Public enumeration ComponentOptionsBoltEdgeDistanceReferenceEnum
The bolt edge distance reference type.
Public enumeration ConnectionStatusEnum
The status type defines what the status of a connection or a detail is. In the model the color of the symbol (green, yellow, red) indicates the status.
Public enumeration DetailTypeEnum
The detail type defines what kind of a detail is in question.
Public enumeration ModuleManagerProgramConfigurationEnum
The configuration information of the program.
Public enumeration PositionTypeEnum
The position type for connections and details.
Public enumeration PropertyTypeEnum
The type of property: int/double/string.
Public enumeration TeklaStructuresDatabaseTypeEnum
The object types to be used in filter expressions.