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BentPlateGeometrySolverAddLeg Method (ConnectiveGeometry, LineSegment, Contour, LineSegment, Double, Double)

Joins a polygon section to this ConnectiveGeometry, using the specified connection points and radius and aperture for the conical connection.

Namespace:  Tekla.Structures.Model
Assembly:  Tekla.Structures.Model (in Tekla.Structures.Model.dll) Version: 2021.0.0
public ConnectiveGeometry AddLeg(
	ConnectiveGeometry geometry,
	LineSegment segment1,
	Contour polygon,
	LineSegment segment2,
	double largestRadius,
	double halfAperture


Type: Tekla.Structures.ModelConnectiveGeometry
ConnectiveGeometry used to create a connection with.
Type: Tekla.Structures.Geometry3dLineSegment
The two connection points on this instance geometry.
Type: Tekla.Structures.ModelContour
the polygonal contour to add to this geometry
Type: Tekla.Structures.Geometry3dLineSegment
The two connection points on polygon geometry.
Type: SystemDouble
The specified largest radius for the connecting conical section.
Type: SystemDouble
The angle between the cone generatrix and any of its generator lines.

Return Value

Type: ConnectiveGeometry
Modified ConnectiveGeometry if command succeeded or geometry otherwise.
Exception Condition
ConnectiveGeometryException Thrown if could not create ConnectiveGeometry instance.
ArgumentException Thrown when geometry is a stand-alone bend geometry, meaning that the first GeometrySection is a BendSurfaceNode.
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