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SaveLoad Properties

The SaveLoad type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property HelpFileType
Gets or sets the help file type.
Public propertyCode example HelpKeyword
Gets or sets the HelpKeyword that the help file should be opened for. If you do not provide a HelpKeyword and HelpUrl is not set, the default start page for Tekla Structures Help viewer is displayed.
Public property HelpUrl
Gets or sets the HelpUrl where the help file is located. If you do not provide a HelpUrl, the Tekla Structures help viewer will be displayed with given HelpKeyword.
Public property SaveAsText
Gets or sets the text in the SaveAs text box.
Public property SaveLoadText
Gets the currently selected file name in the Save/Load combo box.
Public property UserDefinedHelpFilePath
Gets or sets the file path where the UserDefined help file is located. If you do not provide a UserDefinedHelpFilePath, the general Help file, help.chm, will be displayed.
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