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ShapeItem Methods

The ShapeItem type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public methodCode example AppendMetadata
Appends metadata key-value pairs to the shape information. I
Public method CleanAndModify
Cleans and stores the brep into the shape catalog
Public method Delete
Deletes a shape from shape catalog based on the shape name.
Public methodCode example Export
Exports the shape item in *.tsc-format to the to given file name. If path is not given shape is exported to model folder. If filename is empty shape name is used as filename.
Public methodCode example Insert
Inserts a shape to the shape catalog based on the shape geometry.
Public methodCode example InsertUsingNormals
Inserts a shape to the shape catalog using the shape geometry. Uses vertex normals to determine edge visibility. If the normal vectors of the vertices belonging to one geometrical location are close enough, the edge will be considered smooth and will be marked as hidden.
Public methodCode example Modify
Modifies a shape in the shape catalog based on the shape name or if not found, based on shape guid.
Public method Select
Selects the shape from the database based on the name given in this instance.
Public method Select(String)
Selects the shape based on the given name from the database.
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