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ProfileItemParameterParameterUnitTypeEnum Enumeration

Defines the different unit types of the profile item parameter.

Namespace:  Tekla.Structures.Catalogs
Assembly:  Tekla.Structures.Catalogs (in Tekla.Structures.Catalogs.dll) Version: 2020.0.0.0 (2020.0.55582.0)
public enum ParameterUnitTypeEnum
  Member name Value Description
INPUT_BOOLEAN -3 The input boolean.
INPUT_INTEGER -2 The input integer.
INPUT_STRING -1 The input string.
INPUT_NONE 0 The input none.
INPUT_RATIO_UNIT 1 The input ratio unit.
INPUT_STRAIN_UNIT 2 The input strain unit.
INPUT_ANGLE_UNIT 5 The input angle unit.
OUTPUT_ANGLE_UNIT 6 The output angle unit.
INPUT_SECTION_ANGLE_UNIT 7 The input section angle unit.
INPUT_LENGTH_UNIT 10 The input length unit.
OUTPUT_LENGTH_UNIT 11 The output length unit.
INPUT_DEFORMATION_UNIT 12 The input deformation unit.
OUTPUT_DEFORMATION_UNIT 13 The output deformation unit.
INPUT_DIMENSION_UNIT 14 The input dimension unit.
INPUT_RADIUSOFINERTIA_UNIT 16 The input radius of inertia unit.
INPUT_AREA_UNIT 20 The input area unit.
OUTPUT_REINFAREA_UNIT 21 The output reinforced area unit.
OUTPUT_TRANSVREINF_UNIT 22 The output transverse reinforcement unit.
INPUT_AREAPERLENGTH_UNIT 23 The input area per length unit.
OUTPUT_VOLUME_UNIT 30 The output volume unit.
INPUT_SECTIONMODULUS_UNIT 31 The input section modulus unit.
INPUT_VOLUME_UNIT 32 The input volume unit.
INPUT_MOMENTOFINERTIA_UNIT 40 The input moment of inertia unit.
INPUT_TORSIONCONSTANT_UNIT 41 The input torsion constant unit.
INPUT_WARPINGCONSTANT_UNIT 60 The input warping constant unit.
INPUT_FORCE_UNIT 100 The input force unit.
OUTPUT_FORCE_UNIT 101 The output force unit.
INPUT_WEIGHT_UNIT 102 The input weight unit.
OUTPUT_WEIGHT_UNIT 103 The output weight unit.
INPUT_DISTRIBLOAD_UNIT 110 The input distributed load unit.
OUTPUT_DISTRIBLOAD_UNIT 111 The output distributed load unit.
INPUT_SPRINGCONSTANT_UNIT 112 The input spring constant unit.
OUTPUT_MASSPERLENGTH_UNIT 113 The output mass per length unit.
INPUT_SURFACELOAD_UNIT 120 The input surface load unit.
OUTPUT_SURFACELOAD_UNIT 121 The output surface load unit.
INPUT_STRENGTH_UNIT 122 The input strength unit.
OUTPUT_STRESS_UNIT 123 The output stress unit.
INPUT_MODULUS_UNIT 124 The input modulus unit.
INPUT_DENSITY_UNIT 131 The input density unit.
INPUT_MOMENT_UNIT 200 The input moment unit.
OUTPUT_MOMENT_UNIT 201 The output moment unit.
INPUT_DISTRIBMOMENT_UNIT 205 The input distributed moment unit.
INPUT_ROTSPRINGCONST_UNIT 210 The input rotation spring constant unit.
INPUT_TEMPERATURE_UNIT 300 The input temperature unit.
OUTPUT_TEMPERATURE_UNIT 301 The output temperature unit.
INPUT_THERMDILATCOEFF_UNIT 310 The input thermal dilatation coefficient unit.
INPUT_FACTOR_UNIT 400 The input factor unit.
INPUT_DATE_UNIT 401 The input date unit.
INPUT_DATE_TIME_MIN_UNIT 402 The input date time minutes unit.
INPUT_DATE_TIME_SEC_UNIT 403 The input date time seconds unit.
INPUT_LENGTH_FRACTIONAL_IMPERIAL 1005 The input length, fractional imperial.
INPUT_DEFORMATION_FRACTIONAL_IMPERIAL 1305 The input deformation, fractional imperial.
INPUT_DIMENSION_FRACTIONAL_IMPERIAL 1405 The input dimension, fractional imperial.
INPUT_RADIUSOFINERTIA_FRACTIONAL_IMPERIAL 1605 The radius of inertia, fractional imperial.
OUTPUT_LENGTH_FRACTIONAL_IMPERIAL 1105 The output length, fractional imperial.
OUTPUT_DEFORMATION_FRACTIONAL_IMPERIAL 1305 The output deformation, fractional imperial.
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