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CatalogObjectTypeEnum Enumeration

The catalog object type.

Namespace:  Tekla.Structures.Catalogs
Assembly:  Tekla.Structures.Catalogs (in Tekla.Structures.Catalogs.dll) Version: 2020.0.0.0 (2020.0.55582.0)
public enum CatalogObjectTypeEnum
  Member name Value Description
PART 1 The part type.
STEEL_BEAM 2 The steel beam type.
STEEL_COLUMN 3 The steel column type.
STEEL_ORTHOGONAL_BEAM 4 The steel orthogonal beam type.
STEEL_TWIN_PROFILE_BEAM 5 The steel twin profile beam type.
STEEL_CONTOUR_PLATE 6 The steel contour plate type.
STEEL_FOLDED_PLATE 7 The steel folded plate type.
CONCRETE_BEAM 8 The concrete beam type.
CONCRETE_COLUMN 9 The concrete column type.
CONCRETE_PAD_FOOTING 10 The concrete pad footing type.
CONCRETE_STRIP_FOOTING 11 The concrete strip footing type.
CONCRETE_PANEL 12 The concrete panel type.
CONCRETE_SLAB 13 The concrete slab type.
REINFORCING_BAR 14 The reinforcing bar type.
SURFACING 15 The surfacing type.
WELD 16 The weld type.
BOLT 17 The bolt type.
STEEL_ASSEMBLY 18 The steel assembly type.
PRECAST_CONCRETE_ASSEMBLY 19 The precast concrete assembly type.
INSITU_CONCRETE_ASSEMBLY 20 The in situ concrete assembly type.
POUR_OBJECT 21 The pour object type.
POUR_BREAK 22 The pour break type.
GRID 23 The grid type.
PROJECT 24 The project type.
PHASE 25 The phase type.
TASK 26 The task type.
REFERENCE_MODEL 27 The reference model type.
REFERENCE_MODEL_OBJECT 28 The reference model object type.
SINGLE_PART_DRAWING 29 The single part drawing type.
ASSEMBLY_DRAWING 30 The assembly drawing type.
GA_DRAWING 31 The general arrangement drawing type.
MULTI_DRAWING 32 The multidrawing type.
CAST_UNIT_DRAWING 33 The cast unit drawing type.
BENT_PLATE 34 The bent plate type.
STEEL_BREP_PART 35 The steel brep part type.
CONCRETE_BREP_PART 36 The concrete brep part type.
CHAMFER_OBJECT 37 The chanfer object type.
SURFACE_OBJECT 38 The surface object type.
GRID_PLANE 39 The grid plane type.
STEEL_SPIRAL_BEAM 40 The steel helix part type.
CONCRETE_SPIRAL_BEAM 41 The concrete helix part type.
POUR_UNIT 42 The pour unit type.
STEEL_LOFTED_PLATE 43 The steel lofted plate part type.
CONCRETE_LOFTED_SLAB 44 The concrete lofted slab part type.
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