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AnalysisSubSectionAnalysisSubSectionSubTypeEnum Enumeration

Defines the subsection subtypes.

Namespace:  Tekla.Structures.Analysis
Assembly:  Tekla.Structures.Analysis (in Tekla.Structures.Analysis.dll) Version: 2020.0.0.0 (2020.0.55582.0)
public enum AnalysisSubSectionSubTypeEnum
  Member name Value Description
UNKNOWN_SUBTYPE 0 The subsection subtype is unknown.
I_HOT_ROLLED 1001 The hot rolled I profile.
I_WELDED_SYMMETRICAL 1002 The first symmetrically welded I profile.
I_WELDED_UNSYMMETRICAL 1003 The first unsymmetrically welded I profile.
I_WELDED_SYMMETRICAL2 1004 The second symmetrically welded I profile.
I_WELDED_UNSYMMETRICAL2 1005 The second unsymmetrically welded I profile.
L_HOT_ROLLED 2001 The hot rolled L profile.
L_COLD_ROLLED 2002 The cold rolled L profile.
Z_COLD_ROLLED 3001 The cold rolled Z profile.
U_HOT_ROLLED 4001 The hot rolled U profile.
U_COLD_ROLLED 4002 The cold rolled U profile.
PL_DEFAULT 5001 The default PL profile.
D_CIRCULAR 6001 The circular D profile.
D_ELLIPTICAL 6002 The elliptical D profile.
PD_CIRCULAR 7001 The circular PD profile.
PD_ELLIPTICAL 7002 The elliptical PD profile.
PD_CIRCULAR_TAPERED 7003 The circular tapered PD profile.
P_SQUARE 8001 The square P profile.
P_RECTANGULAR 8002 The rectangular P profile.
P_ALTERING_HEIGHT 8003 The altering height P profile.
C_HOT_ROLLED 9001 The hot rolled C profile.
C_COLD_ROLLED 9002 The cold rolled C profile.
T_HOT_ROLLED 10001 The hot rolled T profile.
T_PARAMETRIC 10002 The parametric T profile.
HK_SYMMETRICAL 11001 The symmetrical HK profile.
HK_UNSYMMETRICAL 11002 The unsymmetrical HK profile.
HQ_CENTERED 13001 The centered HQ profile.
HQ_NOT_CENTERED 13002 The not centered HQ profile.
ZZ_SYMMETRICAL 15001 The symmetrical ZZ profile.
ZZ_NOT_SYMMETRICAL 15002 The unsymmetrical ZZ profile.
CC_SYMMETRICAL 16001 The symmetrical CC profile.
CC_NOT_SYMMETRICAL 16002 The unsymmetrical CC profile.
CW_SYMMETRICAL 17001 The symmetrical CW profile.
CW_UNSYMMETRICAL 17002 The unsymmetrical CW profile.
CU_SYMMETRICAL 18001 The symmetrical CU profile.
CU_NOT_SYMMETRICAL 18002 The unsymmetrical CU profile.
EB_SYMMETRICAL 19001 The symmetrical EB profile.
EB_NOT_SYMMETRICAL 19002 The unsymmetrical EB profile.
BF_DEFAULT 20001 The default BF profile.
SPD_CIRCULAR 21001 The circular SPD profile.
SPD_ELLIPTICAL 21002 The elliptical SPD profile.
SPD_CIRCULAR_TAPERED 21003 The circular tapered SPD profile.
EC_SYMMETRICAL 22001 The symmetrical EC profile.
EC_NOT_SYMMETRICAL 22002 The unsymmetrical EC profile.
ED_DEFAULT 23001 The default ED profile.
EE_DEFAULT 24001 The default EE profile.
EF_DEFAULT 25001 The default EF profile.
EZ_DEFAULT 26001 The default EZ profile.
EW_DEFAULT 27001 The default EW profile.
RCDL_SYMMETRICAL 102001 The symmetrical RCDL profile.
RCDL_UNSYMMETRICAL 102002 The unsymmetrical RCDL profile.
RCXX_DEFAULT 103001 The default RCXX profile.
RCL_DEFAULT 104001 The default RCL profile.
RCDX_SYMMETRICAL 105001 The symmetrical RCDX profile.
RCDX_UNSYMMETRICAL 105002 The first unsymmetrical RCDX profile.
RCDX_UNSYMMETRICAL2 105003 The second unsymmetrical RCDX profile.
RCX_DEFAULT 106001 The default RCX profile.
COMPONENT_FIRST 999001 The component first type.
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