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AnalysisResult Properties

The AnalysisResult type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property LoadCase
The load case. The real load cases have positive values 1, 2, 3, ... For min/max queries LoadCaseForMinMaxEnum can be used.
Public property LoadCaseInfo
The load case info (optional, max length 128).
Public property LoadCaseName
The load case name (max length 64).
Public property LoadCaseType
The load case type.
Public property ModId
The time stamp of the result.
Public property ObjectId
The identifier of the object. If ObjectType is OBJECT_TYPE_PART, ObjectId is (physical) part ID. If ObjectType is OBJECT_TYPE_MEMBER, ObjectId is the bar number when analysis bars are used in integration, otherwise ObjectId is the member number. If ObjectType is OBJECT_TYPE_AREA, ObjectId is the area number.
Public property ObjectType
The object type. In result query the only supported type is the physical member (the part).
Public property Position
The position on the part's START/END/...
Public property PositionCoordX
Global coordinate X (mm) when inserting result. Local (part) coordinate X (mm) when getting results.
Public property PositionCoordY
Global coordinate Y (mm) when inserting result. Local (part) coordinate Y (mm) when getting results.
Public property PositionCoordZ
Global coordinate Z (mm) when inserting result. Local (part) coordinate Z (mm) when getting results.
Public property PositionTolerance
The position's coordinate tolerance.
Public property Value
The result value.
Public property ValueType
The result value type.
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