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BendSurface Properties

The BendSurface type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property CenterLine
Gets the center line of the bend surface (i.e. the line that crosses every circular cross section of the bend at their center point)
Public property EndFaceNormal1
Gets the first end face normal.
Public property EndFaceNormal2
Gets the second end face normal.
Public property IntersectionLine
Gets intersection line.
Public property InwardCurved
Gets the direction of the curve - true if the curve is oriented towards the intersection line, false otherwise.
Public property LateralBoundary1
Gets or sets the first lateral boundary
Public property LateralBoundary2
Gets or sets the second lateral boundary
Public property RotationAxis
Gets the unit vector that defines the rotation axis (for counter clockwise rotations) of the lateral boundaries of the surface. This axis is always parallel to the direction of the center line.
Public property SideBoundary1
Gets or sets the first side boundary.
Public property SideBoundary2
Gets or sets the second side boundary.
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