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ModelObjectModelObjectEnum Enumeration

All possible concrete model object subclasses are defined here. This enumeration can be used to fetch certain types of objects from the Tekla Structures model.

Namespace:  Tekla.Structures.Model
Assembly:  Tekla.Structures.Model (in Tekla.Structures.Model.dll) Version: 2020.0.0.0 (2020.0.55582.0)
public enum ModelObjectEnum
  Member name Value Description
UNKNOWN 0 The unknown model object.
BEAM 1 The beam.
POLYBEAM 2 The polybeam.
CONTOURPLATE 3 The contour plate.
BOOLEANPART 4 The boolean part.
FITTING 5 The fitting.
CUTPLANE 6 The cutplane.
SURFACE_TREATMENT 7 The surface treatment.
WELD 8 The weld.
ASSEMBLY 9 The assembly.
SINGLEREBAR 10 The single rebar.
REBARGROUP 11 The rebar group.
REBARMESH 12 The rebar mesh.
REBARSTRAND 13 The rebar strand.
CONTROL_PLANE 14 The control plane.
BOLT_ARRAY 15 The bolt array.
BOLT_CIRCLE 16 The bolt circle.
BOLT_XYLIST 17 The bolt XY list.
LOAD_POINT 18 The point load.
LOAD_LINE 19 The line load.
LOAD_AREA 20 The area load.
LOAD_UNIFORM 21 The uniform load.
GRID 22 The grid.
GRIDPLANE 23 The grid plane.
CONNECTION 24 The connection.
COMPONENT 25 The component.
SEAM 26 The seam.
DETAIL 27 The detail.
REFERENCE_MODEL 28 The reference model.
REBAR_SPLICE 29 The rebar splice.
LOAD_GROUP 30 The load group.
TASK 31 The task.
TASK_DEPENDENCY 32 The task dependency.
TASK_WORKTYPE 34 The task worktype.
POLYGON_WELD 35 The polygon weld.
LOGICAL_WELD 36 The logical weld.
CIRCLEREBAR 37 The circle rebar.
HIERARCHIC_DEFINITION 38 The hierarchic definition.
HIERARCHIC_OBJECT 39 The hierarchic object.
ANALYSIS_GEOMETRY 40 The analysis geometry.
ANALYSIS_PART 41 The analysis part.
REFERENCE_MODEL_OBJECT 42 The reference model object.
CUSTOM_PART 43 The custom part object.
CIRCLE_REBARGROUP 44 The circle rebar group.
CURVED_REBARGROUP 45 The curved rebar group.
EDGE_CHAMFER 46 The edge chamfer.
POUR_OBJECT 47 The pour object.
POUR_BREAK 48 The pour break.
CONTROL_LINE 50 The control line.
LOAD_TEMPERATURE 51 The temperature load.
BREP 52 The Brep part instance.
CONTROL_CIRCLE 53 The control circle.
CONTROL_POINT 54 The control point.
REBAR_SET 55 The rebar set.
REBAR_SET_ADDITION 56 The rebar set addition.
REBAR_PROPERTY_MODIFIER 57 The rebar property modifier.
REBAR_END_DETAIL_MODIFIER 58 The rebar end-detail modifier.
REBAR_SPLITTER 59 The rebar splitter.
CONTROL_ARC 64 Construction arc.
CONTROL_SPLINE 65 Construction spline
CONTROL_POLYCURVE 66 Construction polycurve
RADIAL_GRID 67 Radial grid
GRID_CYLINDRICAL_SURFACE 68 Cylindrical surfaces of radial grids
LOFTED_PLATE 69 The lofted plate
LEG_SURFACE_OBJECT 70 The leg surface object.
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