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ReinforcementPulloutElement Properties

The ReinforcementPulloutElement type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property AutomaticScaling
Whether the pull-out is scaled automatically or to a specified value.
Public property BendingAngle
Whether to show the pull-out bending angles.
Public property BendingRadius
Whether to show the pull-out bending radii.
Public property CouplersEndAnchorSymbols
Whether to show coupler/anchor symbols or not.
Public property CouplersScale
The scale of coupler/anchor symbols.
Public property Dimensioning
Whether to show the pull-out dimensions.
Public property EndSymbolType
The type of the ending marks.
Public property Exaggeration
Whether the pull-out is exaggerated.
Public property Font
The font of the dimension.
Public property RotationAxis
The rotation of the pull-out.
Public property ScaleX
The scaling of the pull-out in the X direction.
Public property ScaleY
The scaling of the pull-out in the Y direction.
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