Tekla Open API is ideal for a wide range of applications

Explore the .NET API into Tekla Structures, the truly constructible BIM platform

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Unleash the potential of Tekla Structures

You can optimize workflows to seamlessly integrate with other software and machinery by customizing Tekla Structures' functionality. Accelerate your daily tasks by automating manual work to speed up modeling and drawing creation and boost your productivity like never before. Using the power of Tekla Structures, you can create intelligent 3D products for building product manufacturers and leverage the dynamic and scalable platform, enabling you to develop tailored software solutions.

Why Tekla Open API?

The comprehensive API reveals the unmatched 3D modeling and automated construction documentation capabilities of Tekla Structures. Being built on .NET, the API enables you to leverage Microsoft's extensive libraries and support.


Why Tekla Open API?
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Unlocked core capabilities

The broad API with the inherent 3D modeling flexibility of Tekla's core gives developers the freedom to innovate with virtually no limitations on the scope of actions. Unlike other platforms, you never have to compromise on accuracy, even with large models.

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Dedicated guidance on your coding journey

Receive personalized assistance and tailored support from our dedicated team members in the forum, who are ready to answer your questions.

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Designed for intuitive understanding

The .NET API follows object-oriented programming, making it easy to understand. Moreover, the API mirrors the user interface, eliminating the challenge of adapting to a new terminology.

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Committed to ongoing support and improvement

Regular updates improve the overall functionality and reliability of your applications.

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Open API Fundamentals

See how others have succeeded with Tekla Open API

In-house developers


Coding essential internal productivity tools:

  • Crane and capacity planning


One Click LCA

Building software and machinery integrations:

  • Embodied carbon calculations

Add-on developers

Add-on developers

Developing and selling innovative extensions:

  • Making sure special bolts fit on the construction site



Creating intelligent 3D products and tools:

  • Constructible content and direct access to the product portfolio



Expanding the platform into new trades:

  • 3D software for the scaffolding industry



Learning coding as a part of their studies

  • Check out the "He did it all by himself" video.

“Piping was always done on a separate platform. But then I realized we could bring the piping design into Tekla Structures and automate the entire process with just a few parameters. So I started using the Tekla API to design an Add-On myself.”

Marhinus du Plessis,
Managing Director of ParaMatic

Tekla Structures Instructor

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