Tekla Structural Designer Open API

An application programming interface into Tekla Structural Designer for Analysis and Design

With Tekla Structural Designer Open API you can

  • Customise Tekla Structural Designer functionality to fit into your engineering office workflow
  • Speed up your daily activities
  • Increase productivity
  • Turn manual routines into automated workflows
  • Integrate Tekla Structural Designer with other software

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Have you tried the new TSD Remoting API?

Previously, the Remoting API could be used to extract model geometry and analysis results, but now the latest API version also includes creation and editing features.

Have you tried what all the new Tekla Structural Designer Remoting API can do?

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Tekla users are in need of Tekla developers. The directory Tekla Development Experts helps Tekla users to find developers for their projects. All Tekla Partners Program members are welcome to join the directory!

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