Tekla Structural Designer Remoting API 2021

Updated: 24 Aug 2021

The Remoting API,  first featured in the 2020 release, was further enhanced in the 2021 release as follows:

  • In terms of data extraction it provides access to:

    • Forces, displacements, camber and ecc. moments from member loading analysis at zero, max and any other position.

    • Additional results (wall and result lines, vibration and buckling analysis, seismic RSA).

    • Foundation reactions for RSA seismic and envelopes.

    • Construction points, point groups, levels, frames, slopes, slab items, slab openings, slab patches, slabs, roofs, structural walls, wind walls, supports, piles.

    • Architectural grids and construction lines.

  • In terms of model creation it allows:

    • Model and horizontal construction planes.

    • Architectural grids and construction lines.

    • Construction points.

    • Analysis elements.

  • It is also now possible to access the API remotely through a LAN or WAN.

More information about additions to Tekla Structural Designer API can be found on Tekla User Assistance, search for Release Notes.