Extracting1DElementData and ExtractingSteelBeamData

Updated: 14 May 2020

This guide contains the source code for two simple applications. You can use the examples for learning and testing the Tekla Structural Designer Open API and as a starting point when writing your own code:

  1. Extracting1DElementData project shows how to use TSD Remoting API from a WinForms application to export 1D element data to an excel file.
  2. ExtractingSteelBeamData project shows how to use TSD Remoting API from a command line application to export steel beam data to a .csv file.


To use the code examples follow the steps below: 

  1. Click Get code button on top of this page
  2. Download and extract the TSDRemotingAPIExamples.zip file to a directory on your system 
  3. Open the solution RemotingAPIExamples.sln in Microsoft Visual Studio. 
  4. There are two code examples included in the solution: Extracting1DElementData and ExtractingSteelBeamData.Tekla Structural Designer Remoting API examples shown on Microsoft Visual Studio.