IPortalFrameSupportData Interface

Represents data of the portal frame support

Namespace:  TSD.API.Remoting.PortalFrames
Assembly:  TSD.API.Remoting (in TSD.API.Remoting.dll) Version:
public interface IPortalFrameSupportData

The IPortalFrameSupportData type exposes the following members.

Public propertyFixityType
Gets the fixity type of the support
Public propertyHorizontalStiffnessType
Gets the horizontal stiffness type
Public propertyHorizontalStiffnessValue
Gets the horizontal stiffness value (in [N/mm])
Public propertyRotationalStiffnessType
Gets the rotational stiffness type
Public propertyRotationalStiffnessValue
Gets the rotational stiffness value (in [N/rad])
Public propertySlsRotationalStiffnessType
Gets the SLS rotational stiffness type
Public propertySlsRotationalStiffnessValue
Gets SLS rotational stiffness value (in [N/rad])
Public propertyStabilityRotationalStiffnessType
Gets the stability rotational stiffness type
Public propertyStabilityRotationalStiffnessValue
Gets stability rotational stiffness value (in [N/rad])
Public propertyVerticalStiffnessType
Gets the vertical stiffness type
Public propertyVerticalStiffnessValue
Gets the vertical stiffness value (in [N/mm])
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