IAnalysisElementAttributeSet Interface

Represents parameters required to create an analysis element

Namespace:  TSD.API.Remoting.Structure.Create
Assembly:  TSD.API.Remoting (in TSD.API.Remoting.dll) Version:
public interface IAnalysisElementAttributeSet : IMemberAttributeSetBase, 
	IAttributeSet, ICanBeUpdated, IDisposable, IAsyncDisposable

The IAnalysisElementAttributeSet type exposes the following members.

Public propertyConcreteDensityClass
Gets the concrete density class
Public propertyConcreteType
Gets the concrete type
Public propertyElementSection
Gets the element section
(Inherited from IMemberAttributeSetBase.)
Public propertyElementType
Gets the element type
Public propertyEndReleases
Gets the end span releases
(Inherited from IMemberAttributeSetBase.)
Public propertyFabrication
Gets the member fabrication
Public propertyId
Gets the ID of this set
(Inherited from IAttributeSet.)
Public propertyMaterial
Gets the material
(Inherited from IMemberAttributeSetBase.)
Public propertyMaterialType
Gets the material type
Public propertyMemberType
Gets the member type
Public propertyRotationAngle
Gets the rotation angle (in [rad])
(Inherited from IMemberAttributeSetBase.)
Public propertyRotationOption
Gets the rotation option
(Inherited from IMemberAttributeSetBase.)
Public propertyStartReleases
Gets the start span releases
(Inherited from IMemberAttributeSetBase.)
Public methodUpdateAsync
Updates this object
(Inherited from ICanBeUpdated.)
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