UniformLineLoadParams Properties

The UniformLineLoadParams type exposes the following members.

Public propertyDirection
Gets the LoadDirection
(Inherited from PlanarLoadParams.)
Public propertyEndCoordinate
Gets the ending Point2D of the line load
Public propertyEntityType (Inherited from EntityParams.)
Public propertyLoad
Gets the load (in [N/mm])
Public propertyMeasuring (Inherited from PlanarLoadParams.)
Public propertyPlaneInfo
Gets the EntityInfo of the load's plane
(Inherited from PlanarLoadParams.)
Public propertyReferenceConstructionPoint
Gets the reference IConstructionPoint
(Inherited from PlanarLoadWithReferenceParams.)
Public propertyStartCoordinate
Gets the starting Point2D of the line load
Public propertyType
Gets the type of the load
(Inherited from LoadParams.)
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