ISnowLoadDataLocalDrift Properties

The ISnowLoadDataLocalDrift type exposes the following members.

Public propertyDriftLength
Gets the drift length (in [mm])
Public propertyDriftType
Gets the type of local drift
Public propertyEndPositionOnRoofEdge
Gets end position of the load on roof edge line (in [mm])
Public propertyHeight
Gets the height of the step, obstruction or parapet (in [mm])
Public propertyIsApplicable
Gets a value indicating whether the snow load is applicable
(Inherited from ISnowLoadDataBase.)
Public propertyLength1
Gets the distance b1 (in [mm])
Public propertyLength2
Gets the distance b2 (in [mm])
Public propertyLoad
Gets the load value (in [N/mm²])
(Inherited from ISnowLoadDataBase.)
Public propertyLoadValue2
Gets the load value 2 (in [N/mm²])
Public propertyOverridesLoad
Gets a value indicating whether Load value is overridden
(Inherited from ISnowLoadDataBase.)
Public propertyRoofAboveAngle
Gets the angle of roof above the step (in [rad])
Public propertyRoofAngle
Gets the angle of the loaded roof (in [rad])
(Inherited from ISnowLoadDataBase.)
Public propertyRoofEdgeIndex
Gets index of roof edge the drift load is created along
Public propertyShapeCoefficient1
Gets the shape coefficient 1
Public propertyShapeCoefficient2
Gets the shape coefficient 2
Public propertyStartPositionOnRoofEdge
Gets start position of the load on roof edge line (in [mm])
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